[CM] cm 3.7.0 beta

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Jul 31 07:48:35 PDT 2010

i save a beta version of cm 3.7.0 with midifile-import  on camil:


the other new things in the beta are (1) file-version() generates  
versioned file names and (2) sal checks your local variable and  
function parameter names and warns you if they shadow defined  
functinos etc

here is an example of importing key numbers from a midi file and  
writing a corresponding ly file :

function notate (mid)
   with ly = make-pathname(type: "ly", defaults: full-pathname(mid)),
        dat = midifile-import(mid, 1, "key")
   file ly ()
     fms:part(id: "pno", inst: "piano")
     loop with r = 1/4
       for k in dat
       for t from 0 by r
       fms:note(time: t, dur: r, pitch: k, part: "pno")

function playmidi (path)
   shell(string-append("timidity ", path, " &"))


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