[CM] CM/Grace 3.6 + Fomus Confusion

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Jul 28 15:02:33 PDT 2010

> There seem to be a number of gaps/inconsistencies in the fragments  
> of documentation pertaining to running Fomus in Grace. I would be  
> grateful for any clarification. Sorry for my ignorance here; I  
> haven't kept up with the changes that have occurred in the last year  
> or so with CM.
> Is Fomus built-in to the downloadable Mac Grace build? If so, how  
> does one enable the package?
yes and no. the fomus support is built into Grace 3.6.0 but you need  
to install the Fomus framework itself too! you can download it from  


once you have installed the fomus framework, the examples in
should work. i think there is a similar example file under  
Examples>Scheme> as well if you wan to use scheme syntax.

you can also look at more complex examples on my course site from last  
year in weeks 1-4:


if you want to import MIDI data (midifile-import), then i'll need to  
provide you with a version of the latest app (3.7.0) because thats  
where its defined. let me know.

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