[CM] CM/Grace 3.6 + Fomus Confusion

Bret Battey BBattey at dmu.ac.uk
Wed Jul 28 09:40:13 PDT 2010

There seem to be a number of gaps/inconsistencies in the fragments of documentation pertaining to running Fomus in Grace. I would be grateful for any clarification. Sorry for my ignorance here; I haven't kept up with the changes that have occurred in the last year or so with CM.

Is Fomus built-in to the downloadable Mac Grace build? If so, how does one enable the package?

If not built-in, how does one load Fomus into it, particularly given that Fomus is in Common LISP and Grace is Scheme (or am I confused here)? When I tried a (load "blah/fomus/load.lisp"), it just generated syntax errors and stopped.

Or am I going to have to build my own version with Fomus in it? If so, I could use some more specific guidance for that process beyond what appears in the readme that comes with cm download package.

Note that cm.html says "Use the Audio>Fomus> menu to configure your Fomus environment". Will that menu appear somehow if Fomus is loaded into the environment? (How would Grace know to add this menu item?)

cm.html also refers to Help>Examples>Fomus Example and the tutorial in Help>Tutorials>Fomus, neither of which appear in the Grace downloadable.

There is a file in Help>Examples>Scheme>Fomus, but these can't run until the FOMUS library is ready (apparently).

Help>Tutorials>Scheme>Files gives a lilypad example, but also notes that FOMUS must be installed.


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