[CM] Snd 11.2

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon Jan 4 11:19:28 PST 2010

Snd 11.2

added portaudio (version 19) support.

s7: hash-table-for-each.

added tools/sam.c: a Samson box emulator!

some of the more useful extensions were moved to C:

  make-current-window-display (draw.*) as with-inset-graph.

  focus-follows-mouse as with-pointer-focus.

  peak-env support, so peak-env.* removed, peak-env-info,
    read-peak-env-info-file and write-peak-env-info-file removed,
    added peak-env-dir which if not null (the default) turns on the
    peak env machinery.  smart-line-cursor also moved to C.

lots of long-delayed cleanups:

  removed Guile support.
    this includes remove-local-hook! in hooks.scm, use-modules and all
    the guile-specific reader/debugger settings ("debug-set!" etc),
    --with-guile, --with-modules, and --with-hobbit configuration switches, 
    snd-out in examp.scm, pd-* and rt-* are currently broken.  def-optkey-fun
    is now just define*, and def-optkey-instrument is definstrument.
    load-from-path is load.  shell is system. removed fix-optargs.scm.

  removed mus-audio-systems, mus-audio-mixer-read, mus-audio-mixer-write, 
    and all the associated field and device names (in CLM as well as Snd). 
    removed mus-audio-report and changed mus-audio-describe to return the 
    description as a string.

  removed sndrecord.c and new-buttons.scm.

  removed SGI support.

  removed midi.c and the --with-midi configure switch.

  in CLM, removed sc.c and clm-snd.lisp (CLM to Snd interjob communication).

  removed XmPrint/libXp support (--with-xp configure switch).

versions of Alsa before 1.0 are no longer supported.

mpc versions before 0.8.0 are no longer supported.

checked: autoconf 2.65, sbcl 1.0.33|4, mpfr 2.4.2, gtk 2.19.1|2, mpc 0.8.1

Thanks!: Hermann Beyer, Mike Scholz, Tommy Rushton, Mike Winter, Rick Taube.

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