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Terry Wisniewski terrywisniewski at gmail.com
Sun Jan 3 21:03:57 PST 2010

Thank you very much Drew for sharing this.  I am a new user of Common Music,
I have worked through Dr. Taube's book and have started assembling some
basic methodology and my composition environment.  I have come to
algorithmic composition later than most in life.  I am soon to turn 50 years
of age.  I will learn much from the code you are sharing and I have enjoyed
listening to your compositions!

May I please ask how you approach the idea or meaning of "gesture" as it
applies to your work with music and algorithmic composition?  Currently,
most of the list conversation centers around the programming/set-up of
Common Music and I have been wanting to talk about this with someone. Any
direction that you or other list members can provide would be greatly
appreciated. I think coming to a functional understanding of "gesture" will
be fundamental to creating compositions with greater depth and meaning for
myself and potentially the listener. Right now, in my learning progression,
I would say that "gesture", in some broad generalization, is the basis for
all meaning in music and music as a whole. Remember though, I am a complete
beginner to composition!  If I am thinking wrong please let me know.  LOL

Is there some reading I should do?

Terry Wisniewski
On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 6:35 PM, Drew Krause <drkrause at mindspring.com> wrote:

> Hello all,
> I completed 10 sets of organ variations with Common Music a couple
> summers ago, and I've just now posted the scores, MIDI files, and
> annotated Lisp code at:
> http://www.wordecho.org/organ/index.html
> They use CM code that I've made available elsewhere on the website. (I'm
> interested in sharing ideas about these techniques, so please write to me.)
> I'm also *very* interested in bringing these works to the attention of
> any organists who might be interested in performing them --
> Best,
> Drew Krause
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