[CM] grace runs as root user only

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Apr 6 10:33:00 PDT 2010

juan i think that log file check was happening because in Main.cpp i  
normally disable multiple versions running at the same time execpt on  
mac (to avoid a mac bug):

bool Grace::moreThanOneInstanceAllowed(void)
   return SysInfo::isMac();

i think juce uses that lock file to implement this function, which  
presumably caused the permission problem. now that youve deleted that  
(stale?) lock file ive put the the original behavior back  so you can  
try out the new app out to see if the locking problem comes back  
again. if it does then ill just always allow multiple instances  
thank you for helping me with this!

On Apr 6, 2010, at 11:10 AM, Juan Reyes wrote:

> Hi Kjetil,
> I hate to admit that something as trivial as removing
> '/var/tmp/juceAppLock_Grace'  might be the cause for this issue.
> I removed the file, now I have permissions and Grace runs. I take it
> when I run a new instance of Grace a new file 'juceAppLock_Grace' is
> created. The problem might arise again when another user on the same
> machine wants to use Grace. Perhaps '/var/tmp/juceAppLock_Grace'  
> should
> be removed  when user quits Grace. I am not sure how often Fedora
> recycles '/var/tmp'.
> Thanks a lot Kjetil!
>  --* Juan
>> Could it be that the file /var/tmp/juceAppLock_Grace is left over
>> from a previous session run by root?
>> Did you try deleting that file before running Grace (as non-root)?
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