[CM] Snd's Waterfall & Complexify in GTK

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Tue Sep 22 15:23:58 PDT 2009

> I realise that Snd's author much prefers Xmotif.... but has anyone 
> hacked together a version of these commands that use GTK? If not, how 
> would I go about doing it myself? 

The problem there is not so much Motif, it's openGL.  I don't know why
gtk went with cairo instead of openGL.  For awhile there was gtkglext,
and I still have support for it in Snd, but I believe it has died.  I'll look
again at cairo (geez, I hate that name -- I can't rid myself of the
suspicion that I'm dealing with crypto-proselytizers), and see if it
has 3D graphics support.  Or maybe there's some other way in gtk?

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