[CM] Snd 11.1

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Sun Nov 29 03:48:29 PST 2009

Snd 11.1

many more ruby/forth improvements thanks to Mike.

*trace-hook* in s7.  Also defmacro* and define-macro*.  make-list.

force and delay are now included in s7 only if WITH_FORCE is defined.
  The slib implementation is used.  The promise? function has been removed.
  I used "make-promise" for "delay" in earlier versions of s7 to avoid
  collisions with CLM.

removed the sbcl ppc undefined_alien_function stuff from cmus.c.

removed all support for gtkglext and fftw2 (use fftw3).

play is generic, and uses optkey args (this is a non-compatible change).  
  "old-play" is the old version of play.  play-channel, play-mix, play-region,
  play-selection, and play-and-wait are deprecated.

selection function/object; added selection choice to the generic funcs.
The graphed selection bounds can be changed by dragging the mouse.

The mix dialog follows the (mix-)sync field, and has 2 new buttons!

copy and fill! for selection and sound, and copy for mix and mark.

moved with-mix from ws.scm to snd11.scm.
moved save-mix from mix.scm into C.
added check-mix-tags to mix.scm.

added snd-forth-docs.fs (incorporated in sndclm.html), thanks to Mike.

colormaps are objects now, not ints; added the predefined colormaps
  as built-in objects (hot-colormap, etc), and integer->colormap,
  colormap->integer.  Each colormap function now takes a colormap object
  as the first argument, not an integer.

transforms are objects also; fourier-transform etc; integer->transform and
  transform->integer.  add-transform returns such an object, delete-transform
  and transform-type take one.

removed tools/snd-index.cl.

checked: sbcl 1.0.32, gtk 2.19.0, acl 8.2, mpc 0.8, guile 1.9.5, fth 1.2.8

Thanks!: Geoff Lee, Mike Scholz, Rick Taube, Alan Grover, Kjetil Matheussen.

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