[CM] aif in Grace and CLM

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 29 09:05:59 PST 2009

OK, the SndLib menu now has an "Audio Format"  preference for setting  
clm's default output sound file format. The menu currently has WAV,  
AIFF and SND.  not sure what else could belong there;  send me the  
values for *clm-file-name*, *clm-data-format* *clm-header-type* if you  
want some other one supported (and if it works in clm...)

also new:

1  Most Help menus now have a "Save All..."  menu item that will dump  
all the files in the menu to a directory of your choice.  this  
effectively lets you restore all the bundled examples, tutorials and  
sndlub instruments.

2. Console Themes are back, see Console>Themes

3. new functions:  deltas, harmonics, and spectrum-invert! , all are  

4. changelog is updated and also available in the Help>Manuals  submenu.

that about wraps it up for the next release except for bug fixes (I  
have to get rid of the now-useless audio display in the Sound File  
Player...) and trying to get this working on windows...

ive updated a temporary beta here for mac:


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