[CM] CM <-> OSC working

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Tue Nov 24 09:00:53 PST 2009

svn tip has a new OSC port working.  See the Audio>OSC menu for  
opening/closing connections using the GUI, or use the following scheme  

(osc:open in out)
(osc:message path data...)
(osc:hook func)
(osc:close )

see res/doc/cm.html#osc  for the documentation, examples are already  
in the Help>Examples menu

ive tested on osx and linux. Ive saved an OSX build for people to try  
out here:


I can probably save a Ubuntu  build too if anyone wants it but its  
easy enought to build from sources, you just need liblo installed and  
its root path specified to premake (you need a recent sndlib too):

premake --verbose --target gnu --sndlib /path/to/sndlib  --liblo /usr/ 


possible next steps:  optimize input hook calling and implementing osc  
bundles.  i wont tackle this stuff until the dust settles and i get  
feedback i.  todd ingalls wrote a very nice library of supercollider  
bundles that might be worth porting from cm2/src/rt-sc.lisp  ...

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