[CM] cellular automata

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sun Nov 15 11:22:15 PST 2009

svn now has an implementation 1 and 2D cellular automata,  including  
the ability to display automata evolve in a GUI "state window" that  
lets you assocate cell colors with states.  you probably need a recent  
sndlib for this to work.

i dont have the dictionary updated yet but  an example file with  
documentation is now in the Examples menu.  just start Grace and try  
the examples (scheme for now).  You can also work with automata in the  
'cm' console app but of course there will be no gui states window  
there. the state window can actually be used for other things as well  
as automata.  if you come up with a cool sounding or looking automata  
send it to me, or let me know if there are things the implementation  
still needs!

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