[CM] CM Clisp 2.46 Cygwin shell start and bat file Vista 32

Sean Reed sr at seanreed.ie
Fri Mar 20 07:07:18 PDT 2009


I have a question concerning CM 2.10 on Vista32 with Cygwin and  

Would anyone have a hint on getting CM to load and start from cygwin- 
bash (and xemacs M-x prompt) by just typing "cm" on the above system?

At the moment it loads all the fasls but exits back to the normal  
bash prompt for me.

I installed Clisp2.46 through the Cygwin.setup installer.

I have created a symbolic link to cm.sh in the /bin directory.
When I type cm at the cygwin-bash prompt, the .fasls are loaded and  
the CM logo appears, but then the shell returns to the normal bash  

I discovered from reading through the archives that the cm.bat file  
may be necessary for this to work.
However, no cm.bat file is generated in /usr/local/lisp/cm/bin/ when  
I start clisp from the cygwin-bash and (load "/path/to/cm.lisp")
This also means that setq-ing the cm-program to the cm.bat file in  
the .xemacs/init.el is not possible.

When I start clisp from the cygwin-bash shell (or xemacs-slime), then  
(load "/usr/local/lisp/cm/src/cm.lisp") everything functions fine;  
however, when at the cygwin-bash prompt I type

cm -l clisp


clisp -x "(load \"/usr/local/lisp/cm/src/cm.lisp\")"

the same thing happens as I described above: all the .fasls are  
loaded, the logo appears, and the shell returns to the normal bash  

I am setting up CM for a teaching situation.
Although I can get it to work by loading everything separately  
(either through xemacs-slime or bash-shell clisp then load cm.lisp),  
an environment where the students can just type "cm" would be much  
easier on their command-line-challenged brains.

Thanks for any assistance,

Sean Reed
sr at seanreed.ie

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