[CM] building cm3/Grace on linux

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Thu Jan 29 05:10:29 PST 2009

> i am trying, with the current tarballs of cm and sndlib, to make cm3  
> and Grace on linux. i noticed one unexpected issue: the cm build  
> process looks for a file called 'sndlib.a' - but building sndlib  
> only creates 'libsndlib.a' - i renamed the file, and the cm build  
> continued and finally built executables.
> neither Grace nor cm can find midi ports, but i guess that's a known  
> issue. sometime back in november, i used a cm3/s7 version that could  
> see and talk to midi ports - what's changed since then?

i spent yesterday trying to figure out whats going wrong, including an  
upgrade to the latest ubuntustudio to make sure my basic tools are  
in the new ubuntustudio environment am able to get  midi port  
connections in grace but i still dont see any audio ports. i cant get  
audio ports in the juce demo either, so ill have to post something on  
the juce site i guess. i think there is also a thread issue on linux,  
i see a "wait cursor" fairly regularity once i send midi messages.
the sndlib instruments are working and its is possible to write .wav  
files but not play them back in the playback window. i can play the  
audio files fine using an external app though.

on the plus side ive got s7/sndlib working in windows pretty well now  
using the native ms compier, and the audio playback window is now  
displaying the waveform now.

> also, the audio player in Grace can't find any audio ports ... is  
> there something that needs to be done in building juce in order to  
> make this little app work?
> don't want to sound impatient, but it'd be really great to get Grace  
> going on linux.
> thanks!
> b
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