[CM] CM3 linux threads

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon Aug 10 14:34:55 PDT 2009

ive looked into this linux issue a bit today with the help of andrew  
burnson.  i do indeed hear the "drift" on an (emulated) linux but i  
do'nt yet know the cause or the cure (if any).  its not Grace's  
scheduler per se: even if i spool midi messages out without using the  
scheduler or processes whatsoever i get the drift . as far as the  
scheduler lloop goes im able to improve it a bit by not 'waiting' but  
its not a huge improvment.  the problem seems more basic, but im not  
sure if its Grace, or juce, or what. increasing the process priority  
of the Grace app itself and/or its individual threads doesnt seem to  
help.  note that even with the drift you can still write midi files  
fine and you can also work with clm audio files, its just the realtime  
midi as far as i can tell.
ill keep poking at this but any fix will probably not be in the next  
release (today or tomorrow)

> Heinrich Taube wrote:
>>>> the example sounds fine on osx, ill boot windows in a bit and try  
>>>> it
>>>> there.
>> it also sounds fine running an emulated windows with two voices each
>> rhythm .125 !!
>> so i dont know, the two platforms i can test on seem pretty good.
>> sorry to punt but i dont know what to do about linux, it does seem
>> like the issues are juce and/or alsa related. i wish juce would  
>> switch
>> to jack!
> Yes that would be nice, although ALSA midi has always worked well  
> for me...
> Thanks for your help,
> Lieven
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