[CM] grace 1.1.0

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed Sep 17 07:44:28 PDT 2008

> The following function works for guile:
> Only minor adjustments should be necessary
> to make it work in Chicken as well.

indeed! here is the twiddled version:

(define (get-system-output command)
  (let ((logfilename "/tmp/grace-tempfile"))
    (system (string-append command " > " logfilename))
    (let* ((ret "")
           (eol (list->string (list #\newline)))
           (fd (open-input-file logfilename ))
           (line (read-line fd)))
      (do ()
          ((eof-object? line) #f)
        (set! ret (string-append ret line eol))
        (set! line (read-line fd)))
      (close-input-port fd)
      (system (string-append "rm " logfilename))

so to get a shell command's output to appear as regular printout in  
the Console window you would do:

(print (get-system-output "ls *.*"))

ill add this as (shell ...) in the next release, eg something like

(define (shell cmd)
   (print (get-system-output cmd))

thanks much kjetil!

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