[CM] creating new sound with empty channels

e deleflie edeleflie at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 05:02:24 PDT 2008

Hi everyone, havn't posted for a while...

My SND script (guile) creates a 4 channel file (output of a LADSPA
plugin) ... but I need to pump in an extra 2 empty channels (empty LFE
and empty Centre speaker in a 5.1 type file).

I'm trying to do this by creating a new 'sound' then inserting each of
my 4 channels into specific channels in that new sound. ... but it
aint working! ... my syntax is wrong.

			(let ((aacFile (new-sound (format #f "~a~a.~a" outpath name "5.1.wav")
					:channels 6
					:header-type mus-riff
					:data-format mus-l24int
					:srate 44100 )))
				; pump in 4 full channels and 2 empty ones (for LFE and CF)
				(insert-sound outsound 0 aacFile 1)	
				(insert-sound outsound 1 aacFile 2)	
				(insert-sound outsound 2 aacFile 3)	
				(insert-sound outsound 3 aacFile 4)	
		    		(save-sound aacFile)
		    		(close-sound aacFile)

it seems to be 'insert-sound' that is expecting a string (filename?)
instead of a sound ... can anyone see a workaround, or a better way of
doing what I'm trying to do?


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