[CM] Grace 1.1.0

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Mon Sep 8 18:14:46 PDT 2008

Grace 1.1.0 is now available at:


Lots of nice stuff in this one, the major new features: support for  
non-realtime processes, just like CM2; easier interaction with the  
app: most important menu settings  are now  stored as preferences so  
you dont have to reset them when you start the app, you can perform  
menu actions via send messages  like "mp:playseq" "mp:saveseq" etc,  
COMMAND-K editor command pops up the Console window, and a few more  
functions added to cm3

release notes and binaries at the above url.


ps  now that im teaching feel free to take stuff from my course page,  
in particuar i have the "Stroke 'n Spray" page and code in cm3 and it  
has examples of using the new "score capture" mode and working with  
the midi seq.
basically grace now supports a very cm2 workflow--generating scores  
and autoplaying or autosaving them for example


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