[CM] Snd 10.0

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat Sep 6 08:45:07 PDT 2008

i cant wait to try this out! a really amazing piece of work,  
what does 's7' mean, sounds as cryptic as 'ice9' to me

> cant
> A new extension language choice: S7, a TinyScheme derivative.
> This is a small (ca. 10000 lines), source-level embedded
> interpreter (like gnulib -- no libraries, no run-time init files)
> that has full continuations, ratios and complex numbers,
> generalized set!, applicable objects, hash-tables and keywords
> (the latter for define*), defmacro, define-macro, and procedure-with- 
> setter.

yay! what do the keywords look like,  #:foo  :foo or foo: ?? or could  
the reader handle them all via parameterization (set-keyword-style!  
'cltl) or whatever?
> My goal is a simple, multithreadable, possibly even
> real-time extension language that I can change to suit myself.


> S7 is not Scheme++ -- I have removed the notion of an "inexact  
> integer",


> so truncate, floor, and ceiling return (exact) integers,
> and rationalize (which uses continued fractions) returns
> (exact) ratios.


> I've added call-with-exit for light-weight
> continuations (equivalent to a goto, or return in C).


> S7 is reasonably fast (it can outperform both Guile
> and Gauche if I get to choose the benchmark),


> and is  compatible with Snd's run macro, so the only real bottleneck
> is that macro expansion is slow.  It passes Jaffer's r4rs tests,
> and most of the r6rs number tests mentioned above. I haven't had
> time yet to implement threads.  s7 still hasn't made it through
> snd-test.scm , so there are still plenty of bugs.

now maybe i can finally get cm3 +clm togther in scheme ...

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