[CM] Which CM CLM

Tom Brooke tom.brooke at gmail.com
Fri May 23 12:32:06 PDT 2008

Tom Brooke <tom.brooke at ...> writes:


In reply to my previous post and as an update. I have common music running in 
SBCL and it is ok for learning and doing the interactive examples in the book.

I have snd 9.9 running without motif (I have the motif libraries installed and 
I have tried to get ./configure to recognize them with the motif-prefix switch 
but I haven't had any luck) I like snd but I think I would prefer it with the 
motif interface so any suggestions would be appreciated. 

I have tried to complie grace and so far no luck. I have Juce installed but I 
can't get Grace to compile I think I need to edit grace-premake.lua to point 
to the proper location for Juce but Iam not sure how.

Any suggsetions?

Maybe a volunteer that knows more about this than I do could make deb packages 
for the Common Music applications


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