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David Hamilton dhamilton92 at yahoo.co.uk
Mon May 19 06:53:00 PDT 2008

I'm running on Mac and PC and seem to be having some problems running some of the earlier tutorials. In help/SAL tutorials/Hello World, I can't execute this example:

loop for x from 0 to 1 by 1/8
  print "x=", x, " sin(2pi*x)/2=", sin(2 * pi * x) / 2

I've tried on Mac and PC versions of Grace and get the same error:
>>> Error: unbound variable: pi

I'm also getting the same error on OSX when executing, but am wondering if I'm missing something? 

print *midi-player*

I'm outputting MIDI ok when I try the menu /Ports/Midi Out/Test Output

Finally, I'm also getting an error when trying to execute:

  with notes = {e4 fs4 b4 cs5 d5 fs4 e4 cs5 b4 fs4 d5 cs5} ,
       stop = 20
  open "reich.mid"
  sprout list( piano-phase(stop, notes, .167),
               piano-phase(stop, notes, .17))

The error is:
>>> Error: Illegal statement: 
  open "reich.mid"

Apologies for the barrage of questions, I can get the more complex examples to execute, and understand the principal of what's happening but some of these simple ones are foxing me.

Thanks in advance.

PS All examples copied and pasted from help files.

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