[CM] Which CM CLM

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Sat May 17 05:12:12 PDT 2008

>   1. Run them both plus CMN under Sbcl - I installed the cd and CM  
> come up
> interactively without problem and I assume it wouldn't be difficult  
> to set
> things up in Emacs.

use Aquamacs if you are on OS X, using this environment with either  
sbcl or clisp will run the software on the CD as is.

>    2. Set up Grace and /or GraceCL - this looks like a slimmed down  
> emacs
> and I get a choice of Scheme or lisp - An advantage since I know  
> more scheme
> than lisp. ALso it looks like it might be an easier learning  
> environment

Yes on all accounts, but its new and doesnt correspond exactly with  
the book or run its examples.
The scheme version (Grace) is what I will be working on in the future.  
One possibility would be for me to rewrite the examples in the book  
for the scheme/cm in Grace.

>     3. Use CM and CLM with Snd. This looks promising since snd 9.5  
> runs fine
> on my system with jack and it looks like I have the choice of  
> running cm
> within snd or else calling snd with emacs. Plus I have the other snd
> capablilities I can use.

You can load any version of CM2 into guile (snd).

> I may have answered my own question but I wasn't sure whether all  
> the means of
> running CM and CLM are comparable and which way would serve me best  
> in the
> future.

Im actually thinking over a new edition of Notes from the Metalevel  
that would include additional chapters (cellular automata, l-systems,  
interactive examples) . THis would of course use the Grace application  
and i would probably use SAL for the examples.

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