[CM] Grace/GraceCL 1.0.1 for Windows/OSX

Heinrich Taube taube at uiuc.edu
Wed, 6 Feb 2008 09:05:59 -0600

Binaries of Grace and GraceCL (1.0.1) are now available for Windows
and OSX:

Grace (realtime algocomp, ports and Chicken Scheme interpreter):


GraceCL (use with Common Lisp, includes CLM, CM, FOMUS):


This is a bug fix release that stops the two apps from sharing the  
same preference file.

New in this release:

o Windows versions of both apps. I've done minimal testing but both
   seem to be working.
   - Select "Microsoft  GS Wavetable synth" in the Ports>MidiOut menu
     to make some realtime sound in Grace.
   - GraceCL will work with either SBCL or CLISP on Windows.
   - One small nit remains: when  GraceCL starts the Lisp process,
     XP insists on popping up a console window for it. I dont know
     how to stop this from happening...

o OSX binaries are universal SDK 4.0 so they should run on
   Tiger/Leopard x86/ppc

o GraceCL bundles the new tarball of clm-3 that fixes a bug
   involving sound files generation from CM. Thank you Bill!

o Im not going to make binary releases for fedora until the
   JUCE/XCB lib issue has been resolved in fedora8.
   The apps should work in earlier fedoras.