[CM] Snd 9.7

Bill Schottstaedt bil at ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Wed, 6 Feb 2008 04:36:18 -0800

Snd 9.7:

added Kjetil's article, sndrt_lac2008.pdf


Forth improvements thanks to Mike

OSS v4 (audio.c) changes thanks to Yair K.

oldmacdonald.lisp (CL/CLM) thanks to William Andrew Burnson

77 more animals in animals.scm
  (Trumpeter swan, Whooping crane, and Sage sparrow are my favorites so far)
  (I'd call these "musical aphorisms" except it sounds pompous -- working for
  3 or 4 hours on a 1/4 second of sound is addictive -- you wonder how anyone
  could have enough to say to fill 30 seconds).

6 more generators in generators.scm
  (including the cosine form of sine-summation)

make-waveshape and make-polyshape partials argument can be a vct,
  as can the partials argument to partials->*

make-table-lookup|wave-train-with-env (generators.scm)

:dur arg to make-env is now :length (:end will eventually go away)
  (other changes in CLM are in the works -- see the end of clm.c,
  under "clm4" -- any comments or other ideas are always welcome)

clm finally works in the sbcl x86-64 linux and mac ppc cases
  (thanks to Rick and a bottle of aspirin)

*clm-default-frequency* (0.0; the old default was 440.0)
   (changing the default to 0.0 simplifies the use of the make-* functions)

checked: gtk 2.12.5|7, cairo 1.4.14

Thanks!: Rick Taube, Kjetil Matheussen, Mike Scholz, Yair K., 
         Howard Gilbert, Jelena Zoran, William Andrew Burnson