[CM] updated betas, win32 with csound port

Uğur Güney ugurguney at gmail.com
Sat Apr 26 12:28:47 PDT 2008

>  grace+csound WIN32:
>  http://pinhead.music.uiuc.edu/~hkt/Grace-cm3-csound-beta-win32.zip
>  to use the csound versions you have to install csound5. on win32 the app was linked against c:/program files/csound/bin/csound64.dll.5.1 so you may need this exact path on your machine for it to work (sorry, i dont know much about dll linking on windows yet...)
>  the csound port seems to be working but i dont hear any sound on my machine -- im not sure if its a problem or if im just not initing csound playback correctly for my hardware setup. ive tried a number of things without any luck, it would be nice to know if anyone can make sound -- start with the csound example from the Help>Examples> menu

# Hi,
# On my machine Csound5 is installed on a different place. But when I
select Ports>Csound>Open Grace does not give an error and the port
opens. The be sure I created a directory under program files and
copied the csound64.dll.5.1 file there too. (Only when I rename the
csound directory and try to open a port, Grace gives an error).
# But unfortunately I can not make any sound using the examples.
Csound works ok with the same command line parameters of default port
opening and creates real-time sound from grace.orc and test.sco in
command line outside of Grace. But it does not work through the port
on my computer. :-(
-ugur guney-

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