[CM] sequence objects feature requests

taube@uiuc.edu taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 28 May 2007 10:50:09 -0500 (CDT)

>   I was wondering if it would be a good idea to add a :versioning and
>   :version slot to the seq object.
>   This would allow saving lots of sequence objects with the save-object
>   method whithout specifying   a new name every time.

it woudl be easy to add a :newname arg (or whatever) to save-object that would cause  the saved version to have a unique name:

(save-object #&foo "foo.seq" :newname #t)

>   Another thing I thought might be handy, is having an :end slot for the
>   sequence object. This would make sequencing with sequences easier. It
>   can be computed from the elements it contains.

not sure i understand this one -- what does :end hold and what operations will it make easier for you to perform?