[CM] Newbie learning. . . . CM / CLM-3 / SND / Scheme???

Luke J Crook luke@balooga.com
Sun, 27 May 2007 16:59:32 -0700

Bill Schottstaedt wrote:
> In previous times, it would run, but the stack trace was garbage.
> Not to belabor this, but you should try Clisp's backtrace sometime;
> if suffering is the path to wisdom...

The error reporting in CLISP does leave a lot to the imagination. That's
why I've taken to writing my code in SBCL and then testing in Lispworks
and CLISP. I used to do it the other way around and I nearly gave up on
Lisp as a result.

I don't expect the Lisp stack traces to be worth much when calling
foreign functions. SBCL usually generates a "Stack Frame Error" when one
of my FFI calls clobbers the stack. The stack trace returns the last
foreign call executed which helps somewhat. But I was bitten by a bug a
few days ago that was a result of a round trip from Lisp to a foreign
library, a callback back into Lisp, ending up in a GC call. "Stack Frame
Error" didn't help much here though.

- Luke