[CM] Loop Between Marks (Snd-8.10)

Esben Stien b0ef@esben-stien.name
Wed, 28 Mar 2007 01:40:49 +0200

Trying to use play.scm and the loop-between-marks function, but it
just returns 0 or segfaults. 

>(load "/home/b0ef/.pkg/snd-CVS-20070327/cvs-snd/play.scm")
>(loop-between-marks m6 m5 2048)
>(loop-between-marks m6 m3 2048)
Caught seg fault (will try to continue):

It does not continue, though. I have to restart Snd.

The m3 and m5 marks comes after the m6 mark, so I'm not trying to loop

I guess it's supposed to loop when I evaluate this function?.

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