[CM] realloc() for VCTs?

Charles Turner vze26m98@optonline.net
Tue, 27 Mar 2007 20:37:43 -0400


Sorry for the un-scheme-like reference to C, but is there such a thing?

I'm doing this:

$" test.aifc" :channels 1 :size 1000 new-sound
variable foo
0 0 make-graph-data foo !
foo @  lambda: <{ }> 0.5 ; vct-map!
foo @ vct->channel

But I'd like to do something more complex than vct-map!, and it's likely
that I wouldn't know (or it'd be pointless to pre-compute) the exact
size of the VCT I would need.

So how would I "grow" the VCT, or is there a better way to approach
this? I would likely always be reading and writing sequential samples...

Best and thanks! Charles