[CM] mouse-drag-hook in FTH?

Michael Scholz scholz-micha@gmx.de
Wed, 28 Mar 2007 01:09:15 +0200

Hi, Charles!  The local variable AXIS isn't part of mouse-drag-hook.
You can change the example like this:

mouse-drag-hook lambda: <{ snd chn button state x y -- }>
  $" x: %s y: %s" '( x y ) string-format snd #f report-in-minibuffer 
; add-hook!

Then `#t set-lisp-graph?' and you see in the minibuffer what you
expect (I hope).  X and Y are floats, I think.  You can change the
format string to $" x: %.4f y: %.4f" or what ever.