[CM] Pointers into snd-help source?

Michael Scholz scholz-micha@gmx.de
Tue, 13 Mar 2007 00:06:27 +0100

> I can start a FTH subprocess in emacs, but when I try to execute FTH
> words, I get stuff like the following:
> #<interpret (ficlPrimitiveInterpret): "emacs-eval" not found>
> #<undef>

Hi, Charles!

Please replace the function inf-snd-comint-snd-send in inf-snd.el with
the one below.  Snd 8.8 has the old global variables in xen.c and the
old inf-snd.el file.  If you have commented out the part in xen.c
mentioned earlier, this function should work.  Sorry for the


(defun inf-snd-comint-snd-send (proc line)
  "Special function for sending input LINE to PROC.
Variable `comint-input-sender' is set to this function.  Running
Snd-Ruby it is necessary to load snd/examp.rb in your ~/.snd file
which contains run_emacs_eval_hook(line).  inf-snd.el uses this
function to evaluate one line or multi-line input (Ruby only)."
  (if (= (length line) 0)
      (if (eq 'scheme inf-snd-kind)
	  (setq line "#f")
	(setq line "nil")))
  (comint-send-string proc (if (eq 'ruby inf-snd-kind)
			       (format "run_emacs_eval_hook(%%(%s))\n" line)
			     (concat line inf-snd-comint-line-end))))