[CM] Pointers into snd-help source?

Charles Turner vze26m98@optonline.net
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 18:54:53 -0400

Bill Schottstaedt wrote on 3/12/07 at 8:00 AM

>>> Have there been any discussions/thoughts about how to approach
>>> providing the "H_" strings defined in the code now that Snd is
>>> multi-lingual?
>yes, and some things are handled correctly -- constant names, example
>code snippets, etc:

It sounds like all this will be available to me with my next CVS update
of FTH! Cool!

>get gtk/motif/opengl documentation into the xg/xm/gl.c help strings.
>And, as always, we need more examples.

Hmm... I'll take a look. I certainly hope to be sharing some code
snippets in the coming months...

>>> 4) Would there be a reason why compiling xg.c takes an order of
>>> magnitude longer with FTH than with Guile?
>This is probably a matter of system memory

Yes, particularly with the MacIntosh. I currently have 768mb. If memory
weren't so expensive, I'd just get some, rather than consider the
acquisition of a better Linux computer than my Dell.

Thanks again! Charles