[CM] Pointers into snd-help source?

Charles Turner vze26m98@optonline.net
Mon, 12 Mar 2007 18:46:33 -0400

Michael Scholz wrote on 3/11/07 at 9:48 PM

>All help strings are accessible from snd-forth and Bill has provided
>some examples for all three languages!  If you get the latest fth-cvs
>you will see them too.

Ah, thanks! I am using CVS now for FTH and so this will be an easy

>> This whizzes by so quickly I don't have a clear memory of which files
>> they are. I'll try to track this down for you and provide more info.
>I have two or three candidates in /usr/include and I ignore these
>warnings.  If you compile in an Emacs shell you can scroll to read the

I have much to learn about emacs. I'll try this later in the week and
report back on which files are causing configure to flag the

>doc/Makefile uses `install-info --info-dir=dir --info-file=file'
>What option is wrong or what options knows your install-info?

This  one too I'll check later in the week...

>>3) So I think the emacs sub-process for FTH doesn't work?
>This depends not on Snd.  I use this mode regularly and it works.

Hmm... Perhaps I'm doing something wrong or don't understand. In my
view, I got errors because of unresolved references to fth_printing_p
and fth_new_eval. As per your suggestion, I commented out (among other
things) the function fth_emacs_eval beacuse it references fth_new_eval.

I can start a FTH subprocess in emacs, but when I try to execute FTH
words, I get stuff like the following:


#<interpret (ficlPrimitiveInterpret): "emacs-eval" not found>

So it's looking, from my understanding, for a function that I've
commented out, albeit for good reason.

Best, Charles