[CM] More XP & CLM

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Sun, 28 Jan 2007 12:13:01 -0600

just to clarify:

> 1. Common Music "should work" on Windows XP. It's not a real time  
> application for the most part, and some hack -- for example, Cygwin  
> or the free as in beer VMware Player or Server running Planet CCRMA  
> should be fairly easy to set up. Both "guile" and "clisp" are in  
> Cygwin. As it happens, I have a dual-boot XP and Gentoo system and  
> if I get ambitious, I might try to get one of these options working.

if you have posix threads and a reasonable lisp then cm runs  
perfectly well realtime via its rts scheduler:


> 2. Common Lisp Music, on the other hand, *is* a real-time  
> application. As such, I would expect only a native port to provide  
> acceptable performance. Running this under VMware would probably be  
> a disaster, and it might work on Cygwin, but I personally wouldn't  
> waste the developer cycles given 3 below.

clm-3 in COMMON LISP doesnt have pinstruments anymore so its not real  
clm/Snd IS realtime with Kjetil's scheduler

> 3. There *is* a native Windows port of CSound 5. Much as I dislike  
> the CSound syntax, it is a de facto standard for synthesis software  
> and Common Music interfaces to it.

Im not sure what the status is of the CFFI interface to Csound  
actually is -- I know that some work was done on it, and its been on  
my (infinite) todo list to look into this. (I would happy to add  
whatever is needed to get cm <-> csound5 running well in realtime)

> 4. For notation, "lilypond" is part of the standard Cygwin  
> distribution. I imagine CMN will also work on Cygwin, but I haven't  
> tried it given that "lilypond" is there.

FOMUS has backends for both CMN and Lilypond and will run in any  
Common Lisp.


I am using Fomus for teaching, it not a speed demon but does an  
amazing job givin the complexity of what it solves..

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