[CM] More XP & CLM

Dave Phillips dlphillips@woh.rr.com
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 19:49:39 -0500

Phil Sexton wrote:

> So it's too hard to add a hard drive and install Linux on it and dual 
> boot?

The original poster was very clear about his preferences, and we should 
respect those preferences. If the system is supposed to work with 
Windows then his questions are relevant. If it's not going to work with 
Windows, or if the developers can't or won't support it, then the 
developers should just say so. It's not a big deal otherwise.

> You enjoy wasting money more than running a real OS? Avoid Windows 
> Vista is all I can say.  Linux works for me and it just cost me the 
> price of burning a few CDs.

Money spent on Win/Mac audio software is hardly what I'd call wasted. 
Many Windows users are not particularly fond of Microsoft, but it's not 
the OS they're usually concerned about, it's the audio software that's 
available to them.

I'm a diehard Linux user, I just don't feel compelled to advise users 
that they should switch operating systems (unless there's no other way 
to achieve their intended goals).

Just my dos pesos. :)