[CM] More XP & CLM

Phil Sexton philsexton@InfoAve.Net
Fri, 26 Jan 2007 17:43:34 -0500

Landspeedrecord wrote:
> Using Planet-CCRMA is not really an option for me.  It does look 
> interesting though and I will probably try it out for fun.
> I have many good reasons for wanting to stay solely on an XP platform:
> 1) Years of experience & skills that center around WinXP only audio 
> software.
> 2) Tons o' cash sunk into XP only audio software.
> 3) Oodles of money sunk into gear that probably wouldn't run at all on a 
> linux platform. (Digi002, Tascam FW-1884 etc...)
> 4) I don't want to have to learn a whole new operating system and all 
> its peculiarities.
> 5) I do not want to have to depend on 2 seperate computers (one XP & one 
> Linux) to work on one project.  It would be inefficient and distracting.
> Surely others have come to this forum asking to get CLM working on XP.  
> My question and problems can't be all that unusual, XP doesn't vary too 
> much.  Basically there is SP1 & SP2 and that is it.  I would think there 
> are many potential CM/CLM users who have XP only and who will give up on 
> CM/CLM due to lack of any documentation about getting it working on XP. 
> If I can get help figuring out how to get CLM working I would be more 
> than happy to create a web page explaining how other XP users can 
> accomplish it.

So it's too hard to add a hard drive and install Linux on it and dual boot?

I run Windows XP Pro very seldom, only to play games and I very seldom 
do that.

You enjoy wasting money more than running a real OS? Avoid Windows Vista 
is all I can say.  Linux works for me and it just cost me the price of 
burning a few CDs.

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