[CM] Two minor bugs in snd-8 preferences menu

Carlos Pita carlosjosepita@yahoo.com.ar
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 11:33:06 +0000 (GMT)

> What version of Snd is this?  (what does ./snd
> --version print out?).  Also, if possible, what is
the stack
> trace at the point of the seg fault?

snd --version

  ==> This is Snd version 8.4 of 6-Sep-06.

But I observed the same behaviour with:

snd --version

  ==> This is Snd version 8.3 of 30-Jul-06

I got any detail more than:

   Caught seg fault (will try to continue):

(even when show-backtrace is #t)

To reproduce the failure I simply commented out (set!
(colormap) 1) from .snd_prefs_guile.

Are you sure that none of your initialization scripts
is setting this option to some value before the first
time you open the preferences dialog?

Also, the -1 value seems to be a somehow indirect
consequence of the seg fault, so it's not surprising
that you don't get it as long as you can't reproduce
the error in the first term.


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