[CM] Two minor bugs in snd-8 preferences menu

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Thu, 7 Sep 2006 05:18:21 -0700

> Just for the sake of precision: it is saved when you 
> specifically modify it, but not retained in 
> .snd_prefs_guile when you save another changes not 
> including the load path (although it's usually showed 
> in the preferences menu as it's value is taken from 
> that customarily established in your .snd anyway; but 
> as .snd_prefs_guile is loaded first, it would be 
> desirable to have the load path setted by it before 
> attempting actions that require snd's root dir in the 
> path). 

The initialization files are loaded in the order: 

.snd_prefs_guile, .snd_guile, .snd

If you set the load-path in ~/.snd by consing a path onto
the front of the list, that becomes the load-path reported
by the preferences dialog.  I do not touch any file except
the preferences output, so I can't fix this.  Another
possible "gotcha" here is that you need to type <return>
in the text widget for it to notice that its value has
changed.  So, if I understand the problem, either remove
the bad value from your ~/.snd file, or at least don't
make it the first thing in the load list.

Or, since you're using ~/.snd anyway, combine whatever
you want from the prefs output into ~/.snd and delete the
prefs file.