[CM] CVS-Access not psossible...

Frank Barknecht fbar@footils.org
Wed, 24 May 2006 11:17:40 +0200

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Meino Christian Cramer hat gesagt: // Meino Christian Cramer wrote:

>  since some days I cannot access CVS of snd no longer:
>     cvs [update aborted]: connect to cvs.sourceforge.net( failed: No route to host
>  What I doing so badly wrong here ?

Sourceforge has changed server names: You need to use
snd.cvs.sourceforge.net now. This also affects the web viewer, which
now is at: http://snd.cvs.sourceforge.net/snd/ 

Attached is a little tcl-script, which the tcl-tk team used to convert
their repository to the new names. When started without arguments, it
will traverse all subdirectories recursively and change CVS-roots.
Use at own risk.

 Frank Barknecht                 _ ______footils.org_ __goto10.org__

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#!/bin/sh=0A# The next line is executed by /bin/sh, but not tcl \=0Aexec tc=
lsh "$0" ${1+"$@"}=0A=0Aset ::TEST 0=0Aset ::VERBOSE 1=0A=0Aproc modify {fi=
le} {=0A    if {![file writable $file]} {=0A	puts stderr "NO PERMISSIONS TO=
 MODIFY $file"=0A    }=0A    set fid [open $file r+]=0A    set data [read $=
fid]=0A    if {[regexp {([^@]+)@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/(.+)\n} $data =
\=0A	    -> user proj]} {=0A	set proj [string trim $proj]=0A	set new $user@=
$proj.cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/$proj=0A	if {$::VERBOSE} {=0A	    puts "=
MODIFY $file:\nwas\t${data}now\t$new"=0A	}=0A	if {!$::TEST} {=0A	    seek $=
fid 0=0A	    puts $fid $new=0A	}=0A    } elseif {$::VERBOSE} {=0A	puts -non=
ewline "UNMODIFIED $file:\nwas\t${data}"=0A    }=0A    close $fid=0A}=0A=0A=
proc process {dir} {=0A    set files [glob -nocomplain -directory $dir *]=
=0A    set taildir [file tail $dir]=0A    foreach file $files {=0A	if {[fil=
e isfile $file]} {=0A	    if {$taildir eq "CVS" && [file tail $file] eq "Ro=
ot"} {=0A		modify $file=0A	    }=0A	} elseif {[file isdirectory $file]} {=
=0A	    process $file=0A	}=0A    }=0A}=0A=0Aproc do {argv} {=0A    if {[lle=
ngth $argv] =3D=3D 0} { set argv [list [pwd]] }=0A    foreach arg $argv {=
=0A	process [file normalize $arg]=0A    }=0A}=0Ado $::argv=0A