[CM] Snd 8.0 (Forth!)

Bill Schottstaedt bil@ccrma.Stanford.EDU
Mon, 27 Mar 2006 11:30:59 -0800

Snd 8.0

The reason for the new major version: Mike Scholz has provided a complete
  implementation of Forth as an extension language!  It's based on
  http://sourceforge.net/projects/fth.  Use --with-forth with the
  configuration script.
  This is in snd-8.tar.gz at the ccrma ftp site -- I'll update all the
  other versions as soon as possible.

Other changes since version 7.19:

many improvements (ladspa.scm etc) thanks to Kjetil.

kmenu.scm and add-main-menu-mnemonics in snd-gtk.scm thanks to Maxim Krikun.

in clm bandedwg.ins thanks to Juan Reyes.

granulate now has a local random number seed (settable via the mus-location method)
  also peak-env.scm is smarter about data formats (both thanks to Kjetil).

main-menu changed in gtk so that added top level menus return the same widget type as
  the built-in ones -- to get the old menu-shell, wrap the main-menu calls with:
  (gtk_menu_item_get_submenu (GTK_MENU_ITEM (main-menu ...)))

show-selection (extensions.scm)

replaced useless "Filter" button in file dialogs with "Mkdir"

added a stop sign to interrupt long computations (equivalent to C-g)

x-axis-as-clock for more informative x-axis tick labels in very large files

heart.scm (use Snd with non-sound data)

added support for more sound file decoders (along the lines of the current mpeg reader): 
  shorten (propietary, read-only), tta (GPL, via ttaenc), wavpack (propietary)

in cmn, removed nxtcmn.c, sgicmn.c, xcmnw.c, cmn-mcl-utils.lisp, cmn-mcl.lisp,
          cmn-excl.lisp, cmn-scroll.lisp.  Removed all FFI, quickdraw, and Braille stuff.
          cmn is now a pure Lisp program that outputs only postscript files.

checked: gtk 2.8.14|15|16, sbcl 0.9.10, Fedora Core 5 (gcc 4.1), netBSD 3.0

with much help from: Mike, Kjetil, Fernando, Maxim Krikun, Juan Reyes, Steve Kuhlmann,
  Tim Blechmann