[CM] Example files?

Anthony Kozar anthonykozar@sbcglobal.net
Sun, 12 Mar 2006 14:13:52 -0500

Hi Doug, 

I have some code that you could download that attempts (rather
unsuccessfully) to use neural networks to compose new chant-like melodies in
the style of those it is trained with.  It is mostly pure Common Lisp but
there is a CM function for translating note lists to Midi.  (Would be easy
to output something else like Csound though).
You can obtain the code and a paper that I wrote explaining it here:


or try just http://briefcase.yahoo.com/bc/akozar@sbcglobal.net/ and go to
the NNChanter folder if the first link does not work for you.

Even though it does not work well, it might be an interesting stepping off
point.  I also have some experimental code that builds on the NNChanter
project and uses markov chains instead of neural networks.  I think that
this gives better results for what I was trying to accomplish.

In addition, I have code for several Csound projects using CM to
algorithmically generate scores.  Most of this code is my private
compositional material and is not online to download as yet, but I would be
happy to share it directly with you if you understand that it represents my
"works in progress" and therefore comes with little or no documentation.

Anthony Kozar
anthonykozar AT sbcglobal DOT net

Doug Geers wrote on 3/11/06 4:56 PM:

> Hi.  I've been lurking for awhile but have only recently begun
> exploring CM.  I'd love to see some example code beyond those on the
> website, especially functions that export to Csound, CMN,
> Supercollider, Music XML, and similar--Basically, anything beyond MIDI
> files.  Also especially interesting would be further examples of
> algorithmic generation using Markov chains, neural nets, genetic
> algorithms, etc, and interfaces to OpenMusic and/or Audiosculpt.