[CM] CM CVS update ?

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 10 Mar 2006 17:05:21 -0600

dave - It actually shoudld be quite stable except if you want to use 
rts on linux. right now  rts has been moved to a seperate module (do 
'cvs checkout rts' ). im not sure what the final resting place of the 
sources will be, and thats another reason why i havnt said anything to 
this point or updated the install.html page.
the new rts implementation has improved timing and reponsiveness 
(priorty) redesigned by michael klingbeil and todd ingalls added 
support for using pthread primitives directly from clib.
it seems to be working well in openmcl but i cant get it to work in 
sbcl/linux and thats the main reason i havent released a stable cm. i 
might be able to try to get sbcl rts working again over spring break, 
in 2 weeks.  if not, then i guess ill just put sbcl/rts the way it was 
in december.

outside of rts, the rest of cm should be very stable and im teaching 
with it without any problems.  if you update your cvs tree be sure to 
delete the binary dirs under cm/bin before rebuilding.

> Hi Rick:
>  Just wondering, how stable is current CVS ?
> Best,
> dp
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