[CM] snd (Recording).

sal g sofia sgsofia@myuw.net
Sat, 4 Mar 2006 20:43:23 -0800 (PST)

Bill thank you for your help,

Well, snd record does work if I use the Built-in Audio (as the Default 
Input)under the System Settings in the "Audio MIDI Setup" (in the 
Utilities folder),with the Default Output as Built-in Audio, all, is
fine...even if the Default Output is my MOTU 2408(mkII) PCI-324. And,
if I use the PCI-324 card as the Default Input and the Default Output
is Built-in Audio (all of it) will work fine, but snd will not work with
the PCI-324(in) and PCI-324(out).

The preferences in snd are fine; there is nothing as far as srate that 
indicates record at 22050 Hz,.snd also records and outputs a mono file;). 
Well, I think that there is something inside the program that when snd
works with the PCI-324(in) and PCI-324(out) it records in the low sr
(11025)  and outputs to (44100) sr and I sound like a munchkin.

Maybe someone has my same hardware and could tell me if they have had this 
kind of problem before. Well, I am happy that I can record with snd, but 
would be nice to work with the PCI-324 in and out.

Thank you.
Best regards.

On Fri, 3 Mar 2006, Bill Schottstaedt wrote:

> I can't get anything to go wrong, except that it insists on writing a stereo
> file.  Was the playback within Snd at the wrong pitch?  You can find out
> what the choices are via mus-audio-describe.
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