[CM] Snd + Gauche

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Mon, 24 Apr 2006 19:07:17 -0500

> Well, I think Rick should have supported rscheme instead of stklos and
> gauche. I think the "r" in rscheme actually stands for "realtime", not 
> sure... At least, it is a realtime scheme, so it makes very much

apropos, i think Todd and I just got the C RTS working in Gauche about 
1 minute ago:

gosh> (do ((now (rts:scheduler-time) (+ now 500))
      (num 1 (+ num 1)))
     ((= num 10) #t)
   (rts:scheduler-enqueue num 0 now 1))
gosh> 1 0 21297
2 0 21796
3 0 22296
4 0 22796
5 0 23296
6 0 23796
7 0 24296
8 0 24796
9 0 25296

I did see rscheme a year or so ago, and yes its certainly an 
interesting scheme. but at that time i didnt see any object system. 
thats been the main stumbling block to scheme porting for me, the lack 
of an object system, or a crappy useless one.

But I really like Gauche. Unlike some scheme projects Shiro-san doesnt 
dither around endlessly, and he is serious about supporting his 
software on multiple platforms, and he is very helpful even to naive 
schemers like me.  and Naoki Koguro's c-wrapper ffi for Gauche is the 
easiest ffi ive used (and unfortunately ive seen plenty). I mean what 
could be easier than:

(use c-wrapper)
(c-load-library "libc.so")
(c-include "stdio.h")
(printf "Hello, world\n")