[CM] Re: [linux-audio-user] [ANN] Snd-ls V0.9.6.2

Paul Davis paul@linuxaudiosystems.com
Thu, 13 Apr 2006 20:54:31 -0400

On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 17:45 -0700, Kjetil S. Matheussen wrote:
> The biggest thing about this release of Snd-ls is probably that the 
> rt-player is enabled by default. The rt-player is an alternative player 
> engine for SND that plays soundfiles using the rt-extension and reads data 
> from disk through a buffer. The result is less clicks, and more channels
> can be played safely at once.

just think, if this had been in place 4 years ago, ardour's editor would
have been snd-as-embedded-widget. good? bad? you tell me ;)