[CM] clm compiling problem

marco trevisani marco@trevisani.net
Thu, 22 Sep 2005 12:25:44 -0400


I decided to upgrade clm-3 ( i havent done this in about one year now)
and i ran into a compilation problem... (first time in 11 years that
clm does not compile smoothly out of the box)

Here is what i get (i've made attemps with both cmucl and sbcl. Here
follows the sbcl output, which is a bit more verbose than cmucl)

 previous steps : 
  ./configure --with-alsa
  sbcl --load "all.lisp"

;   using existing configuration file config.h
; Creating "/home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/libclm.so"
;;ld  -shared -whole-archive -o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/libclm.so
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/headers.o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/audio.o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/io.o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/sound.o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/clm.o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/cmus.o
; /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/sc.o  -L/usr/X11R6/lib -lX11 

;compiling /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/clm-package.lisp
;compiling /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/initmus.lisp
debugger invoked on a SIMPLE-ERROR in thread #<THREAD "initial thread"
  Error during processing of --eval option "(|LOAD| \"all.lisp\")":

  Error opening shared object "/home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/libclm.so":
  /home/marco/src/clm/old_style/clm-3/libclm.so: undefined symbol:

Any clue?

    marco trevisani