[CM] error loading FOMUS in CM 2.7.0 CVS

Rick Taube taube@uiuc.edu
Fri, 7 Oct 2005 14:44:01 -0500

ive checked in the linux changes and it should now be ok to run cmio in 
parallel with rts in linux/cmucl. of course the performance of rts wont 
be very good in cmucl because it will run as a periodic task along with 
GTK (rather than as an os thread).  I actually added support for 
threaded rts to cmucl today but their internal-time-units-per-second is 
only 100ms, way to slow to be useful. perhaps if i can ever figure out 
semaphores i can get around this.

Anyway to try out rts in the cmio window, select portmidi or midishare 
page, click "open", then select the realtime page,  click "start" , 
enter your expr to sprout -- try "(bar (between 10 20))" for starters 
-- then you can press "compose" button in "realtime", ie whenever you 
want to launch a new bar process into rts. seems to work for me modulo 
all the handwaving in my first paragraph.

it will take a few hours for all he file changes to migrate to 
anonymous cvs. since lots of stuff has changed i would reccoment that 
you delete all you cm binaries before compiling:
	cd cm/bin
	rm -r cmu*