[CM] question on audio distributions, CCRMA or Agnula, others?

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky znmeb@cesmail.net
Wed, 02 Mar 2005 08:02:26 -0800

marco trevisani wrote:

>Now i trow a little rock in the lake to see the reactions...:-))
>I havent used cm from the middle of 90s, i like it, but i should go back and 
>study it again, and free time is now distributed in little drops...though i 
>have a ..."dream" ...
>It would be amazing if it would be possible to integrate an animation tool 
>such as povray scripts into cm so to be able to right audio/animation 
>algorhythmic compositions.....i found, by seraching the web, that someone, 
>years ago wrote some lisp code for povray. I think it would be amazing...
>Ok i have also the second stage of the dream...It would be greater to 
>integrate scripts like dvdauthor and encoders, ffmpeg, transcode, so to 
>compose audio and animation and then have them  eoncoded and recorded on a 
>ok ok, it was just a dream...:-)
Well ... from what I've seen in the list of packages available in Debian 
(and Gentoo) that work with Common Lisp, putting something like this 
together doesn't look all that difficult if you are a CM and Common Lisp 
expert. Of course, you can always execute command-line tools in a Lisp 
function, right? :)