[CM] question on audio distributions, CCRMA or Agnula, others?

marco trevisani marco@trevisani.net
Wed, 2 Mar 2005 10:34:22 -0400

HI all,
as for .deb packaging:
an year ago i started to package the trinity...:-) , i acutally did it just 
for clm and then could not find enough free time to finish the job for the 
others two. It should not be difficult. Of course the best way for Debian 
would be to offer clm, cm and cmn either as single packages and as well as a 
meta package that installs the three of them, and since csound is now 
available for Debian  it would be great to make that as part of the package 
to (i think simply as "suggested" or "depends").

I use clm-3 for my Debian set up deb-packaged by me, and i'm more than glad to 
pass all the scripts to anybody who is interested in complete the job and has 
time (contact me privately if you are interested).
My Debian files for clm are updated to clm-3. Last time i have updated clm-3 
in my machine was on november 2004. It is "old", just because i was wrting a 
composition so usually, to be safe, while working i stick with the last 
working fine (for me) version.

As for distribution...Even if i worked (and actually cofounded) DeMuDi, i 
always staied with a clean Debian ,where eventually DeMuDi should fall as 
part of the debian-multimedia, and i think this is happening...i'm not 
following closely this right now.

I'm running a clean Debian unstable with 2.6.10, and i get all i need for 
music and it runs smooth, stable (even if "unstable"). Somewhere i read that 
DeMuDi is going to test 2.6.10, which i think is a good move.
Just to give an idea of the audio software i use, a part for the trinity and 
SND: ardour, jack, pd/gem/pdp, audacity, csound, cecilia, wavesurfer - as far 
i remember.
Lately i jumped into the animation field and software under debian i use with 
success are: blender,yafray, gimp, cinepaint, povray (in the non free section 
in debian,,though it is more recent and working fine the newest version on 
their site povray.org, next version 4.0 is suppose to be free-software), 
cinelerra (non packaged in Debian and available in deb package from an 
unofficial site).

Now i trow a little rock in the lake to see the reactions...:-))
I havent used cm from the middle of 90s, i like it, but i should go back and 
study it again, and free time is now distributed in little drops...though i 
have a ..."dream" ...
It would be amazing if it would be possible to integrate an animation tool 
such as povray scripts into cm so to be able to right audio/animation 
algorhythmic compositions.....i found, by seraching the web, that someone, 
years ago wrote some lisp code for povray. I think it would be amazing...
Ok i have also the second stage of the dream...It would be greater to 
integrate scripts like dvdauthor and encoders, ffmpeg, transcode, so to 
compose audio and animation and then have them  eoncoded and recorded on a 
ok ok, it was just a dream...:-)


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