[CM] snd - channel number during installation

Frank Barknecht fbar@footils.org
Tue, 2 Nov 2004 17:51:15 +0100

Thomas F. Bechteler hat gesagt: // Thomas F. Bechteler wrote:

> I am using SuSE 9.0 pro. (and ALSA) which is shipped with snd-6.11,

You should consider upgrading manually. Snd7 is much more fun.

> and as a hardware I am using the Hoontech DSP24 value.
> After installing "snd" I got for the record window 12 input channels
> and 10 output channels. However, the DSP24 Value has only
> 2 input and 2 ouput channels. To the best of my knowledge,
> I configured the soundcard correct and I can play sound.
> (The record feature I didn't test extensively yet.)
> Can I choose the displayed channels or can I configure
> during the installation the channel number of snd?

No, you cannot use them. I get the same effect with my M-Audio
Audiophile, which has the same chipset as your card. This chipset
itself is capable of 10/12 operation, but it is built onto several
cards which don't wire all those channels to real in/out-channels.
Unfortunatly at a driver level, ALSA doesn't recognize the hardware
differences between those cards, as the driver is chipset specific.
You get the same, if you start a mixer like envy2control or alsamixer:
It will show much more channels than actually available.

envy24control has an option to reduce the displayed channels:
  -o, --outputs   Limit number of outputs to display
  -i, --input     Limit number of inputs to display
  -s, --spdif     Limit number of spdif outputs to display

IMO something like this would be useful for Snd as well, because the
mixer window shown for our cards is really HUGE. (It doesn't fit on my
screen at least.)

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