[CM] snd - channel number during installation

Thomas F. Bechteler thomasbechteler@iyte.edu.tr
Tue, 2 Nov 2004 12:06:05 +0200

  Dear snd-experts!

I am using SuSE 9.0 pro. (and ALSA) which is shipped with snd-6.11,
and as a hardware I am using the Hoontech DSP24 value.
After installing "snd" I got for the record window 12 input channels
and 10 output channels. However, the DSP24 Value has only
2 input and 2 ouput channels. To the best of my knowledge,
I configured the soundcard correct and I can play sound.
(The record feature I didn't test extensively yet.)

Can I choose the displayed channels or can I configure
during the installation the channel number of snd?

Thank you in advance for your solutions and comments.


P.S.: I used previously RedHat 8.0 together with the same
soundcard but an older version of snd (maybe 6.0). 
At that time the channel number was correct.